“I remember my first wood carving, I was 15 years old, attending a school in Paris and I had the urge to shape a piece of wood” he says “ but I don’t remember deciding to be an artist, it was something I had always done, even as a child I painted every day, it just seemed logical that I should study art”

Robert Koenig followed, what seemed to all that knew him, his natural path and became an artist. He attended Brighton Polytechnic devoting his studies to fine art, and then went on to study sculpture at the respected Slade School of Fine Art. As an Associate of The Royal British Society of Sculptors, Koenig is in the minority amongst the respected members in his choice of working predominantly with wood.

Robert has lived in the country in which he was born, Britain, but fascinated by the fact he is of Polish decent, and the nature of this status of duality, he has extensively explored the concept of identity through his work.

Robert has exhibited widely throughout Europe including in such prominent locations as the RIBA Sculpture Court, The Serpentine Gallery in London, The Polish Cultural Institute, the Museum of Archaeology in Krakow, Poland. He has been commissioned to create work for as far afield as China and continues to allow all these experiences and journeys to inform his work.

It would be fair to say that wood chose Robert rather than the other way round, although he has been known to create in stone, wood is celebrated throughout much of his work.

On the subject of why he chooses to work with wood Koenig is clear: “It is about being honest. To me it is very natural to use wood to say what I need to say, I don’t feel the pressure to speak in the same language as every other sculptor. I feel that working with wood is part of who I am”

Koenig is not afraid to be different, in fact he enjoys it; nor is he afraid to extract all the possibilities that wood affords. His work, often described as ‘generous gestures’, is as varied as the uses there are for the medium. He carves with wood, constructs with it, paints it and experiments with the use of photographic images printed onto it.

Although wildly creative and bold, Koenig’s pieces are always respectful to the trees from which they have been created. Part of the beauty in the work is that wood is a medium that has very much had a life of its own, it is organic, it smells, it is unpredictable and all this has inspired Koenig to create contemporary works that are both honest and relevant to today.

Types of work undertaken: Portraits, tree carvings, abstract forms, bespoke carvings, figures, animals, woodland sculptures, and furniture for indoors or outside.

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