Bog Oak Dust Drawings

The "Galician Shadows" series was inspired by Robert Koenig's visit to Lwow and Przemyslany in Western Ukraine in May 2004 where he toured his monumental sculpture project "Odyssey". Each Galician Shadow drawing is a visual response to the sights of Lwow, an emotional response to the dramatic stories heard by the artist from people who experienced the Second World War, the invasion of the Nazis and then the Soviets to the then Polish city. Lwow is now a part of an independent Ukraine. The darkness of the bog oak dust depicts the dark shadow of a dramatic history of this city. The copper leaf celebrates the magnificence of the architecture and the cultural importance of the city. The bog oak dust used is thousands of years old. It came from the timber that fell into marshland, sank slowly, and was finally buried. Low ph levels in the water acted as a preservative, effectively preventing the wood from rotting. Depending on the conditions and the time under water, bog oak can attain a jet-black hue similar to ebony.
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Galician shadow 3
Galician Shadow 4
Galician Shadow 9
Galician Shadow 11
Galician Shadow 13
Galician Shadow 12
Galician Shadow 14
Ancient faces 2
Song for Regina
Song for Janek
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