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Odyssey - Link to On Line Book
200 page book describing the 15 year journey of the Odyssey figures from Poland, to the Ukraine and on to the UK between 1997 - 2012. First made available during the Odyssey exhibition at Hull University in 2012 as part of the ‘Polish Culture Season’
Trailer Documentary of Roberts Odyssey exhibition in Poland and Ukraine
This is an early draft trailer for a documentary feature following Robert's Odyssey exhibition as it toured Poland and Ukraine in the summer of 2004 : an incredible - and incredibly taxing - journey encountering mind-blowing bureaucracy and open hostility alongside incredible emotion and support. Filmed by Stephen Matthews
Robert Koenig at work in Studio
Vimeo film of Robert Koenig working in Studio filmed by Wojtek Bernasiński
YouTube Odyssey
The first Odyssey exhibition in the UK in 2006 took place in All Saints Church, Hove, during the Brighton Festival. Filmed by Stephen Matthews with a musical improvisation by Phil Thornton. Odyssey was a prizewinner at the Festival
Odyssey in St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square
Article in AAJ Press March 2012 Odyssey Exhibition in St Martins-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London. March – July 2012
Odyssey in Salisbury Cathedral
Odyssey in Salisbury Cathedral - Short Vimeo film
BBC News item - Odyssey in Hull University
Odyssey was exhibited in Hull University in October 2012.
Leutkirch Odyssey Trilogy Part 1
Robert Koenig's Odyssey exhibition consisiting of 42 monumental carved wood figures in the southern German town of Leutkirch in August - October 2013. Odyssey are Guardians of Memory. They came to listen, to watch and to remember those who are no longer here.
Leutkirch Odyssey Trilogy Part 2
During the Odyssey exhibition in the Ukraine, when I was looking for the grave of my sculptor uncle Jan Dudek, a 90 year old nun who remembered him when she was a teenager said "You don't need to look for his grave because if you talk about him then he is here with you now". Lilo died in the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. I would like to believe that Lilo was there at dawn on the Wilhelmshohe when we put on a cello recital for her.
Leutkirch Odyssey Trilogy Part 3
During my stay in Leutkirch I was told of an incident during the Second World War involving the Jewish Gollowitsch family when someone secretly went to knock on their door to warn them of impending danger. This person encountered the fear of death behind the door. This incident stayed in my mind for a long time. What does the fear of death look like and how can you make it go away? I was longing to see this door and to meet the person who brought the message. I am very grateful to her for writing down her story for me. Her knocking on the door was for me a heroic act of courage and it was a privilege for me to shake her hand. In my mind I replayed this scene with the door many times in my head and wondered how I would make the fear behind the door go away. Music was the way. Verena's cello playing was to be the way to resist those who would want to create the feeling of fear and isolation. Music would win.
School workshop in Ulm, Germany

Exhibition of work produced by students of the Anna Essinger School in Ulm, Germany 2014 during the workshops run by artist Robert Koenig