Wall Reliefs

A consistent theme in Robert's work has been the carved and painted wood relief panel. The earliest examples of this type of work appeared in 1981 with panels such as "Rustic Umbrellas", purchased by the Arts Council of Great Britain and "104 Seated Figures" exhibited at the time in the Whitechapel Gallery, London. What typified these and later panels was the use of the repeated motif used in order to achieve a sense of pattern and rhythm.
"The rhythm inclines towards meditation and the delving into mysteries".
"Rhythm as aesthetics and rhythm as a visible group of logical cycles comes together in his art into one coherent whole, into one harmony of the world".
Prof. Jerzy Madeyski
Krakow, Poland.
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20 figures in repose
40 leaves detail
40 leaves on blue background
56 leaves on blue background
Assorted Lampshades
Blue Portal
Blur - a Football Boogie
composition detail
Composition in Black,Green and Old Gold
crouching man detail
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